How Professional Photography Can Be Your Secret Weapon

Are you thinking about listing your Charleston home for sale? Are you wondering how to leverage professional photography to sell your home quickly and for top dollar? Listings with professional photographs tend to sell 32% faster and can even improve the home’s perceived value! Read on for The Living Well Group’s guide on why using professional photography is your secret weapon

Get home buyers’ attention – fast!

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The key to getting many offers on your home for sale is grabbing buyers’ attention. Because as many as 97% of home buyers use the internet in their home search, you need to create a captivating listing page. One pivotal way of doing that is by incorporating high-quality and high-resolution photographs that capture your home in the best light possible. Buyers can then use their imagination and visualize their future lives in your home. They might even be intrigued and will not be so quick to click on the next listing. Instead, they might contact your luxury real estate agent for more information or even schedule a private showing. By using professional photography to capture buyers’ attention, you will get them in the door.!

Add captivating visuals to the online description

While detailed descriptions are necessary for providing key information about James Island homes for sale, they can be accentuated with stunning imagery. High-quality imagery shows buyers your home rather than simply telling them about it. After listing out the home features, such as beamed ceilings, kitchen islands, and walk-in closets, make sure that you post imagery of these highly coveted features. By featuring highly-coveted amenities in professional pictures, home buyers in Charleston will fall in love with your home! 

Filter out specific buyers

There are many types of people who browse online listings. Some are ready to purchase a home now and may even be pre-approved for a jumbo mortgage loan. Others are interested in buying a home but are unsure about the particulars, such as the best timing to buy. Ideally, you want to be contacted by someone ready to make an offer.

Professional photographs in your online listing visually demonstrate all of its amenities to help buyers see if your home would be a good fit. 

Show the surrounding neighborhood

Professional photography does not just show the interior of a James Island home for sale. Instead, you can use images to show everything from the exterior to the surrounding neighborhood. A professional photographer can take several shots of your home’s facade to show the well-manicured landscaping, expansive driveway, and captivating front door. Also consider doing high-resolution aerial images of your home, allowing buyers to see your property's size and distance to certain features.

If your home is located in a Homeowners Association community, consider aerial shots of the neighborhood to show the distance of the home from specific community amenities, such as sports courts, golf courses, and swimming pools. By using images to show your home’s proximity to the neighborhood amenities, you can better help buyers determine if your home is a good fit for them.

How to take professional home photos

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While you could hire a professional photographer to take pictures of your home, you can also do it yourself. To get the best quality possible, consider using a high-resolution DSLR camera for its sharpness in displaying everything from full-scale images to close-ups of the amenities. If you are considering taking your own home photos, the following tips might help.

Use a tripod

The key to creating captivating real estate imagery lies in taking shots with straight lines. You can do this by positioning your camera on a tripod to keep the camera level and straight while minimizing lens distortion. Your images will come out looking sharp and clear.

Opt for low and straight shots

Photographs look best when they feel natural. While taking a photo from above or below can sometimes make the shot look attractive, it might not always feel natural. It would help if you aimed for the 5-foot rule when taking real estate photography. Use your tripod to set the camera at the height of about 5 feet while keeping the camera straight. Shooting from this height will make the buyer feel like they have just entered the room instead of looking down from above. With this 5-foot rule, buyers are also able to visualize their lives in your home as they virtually walk through it via stunning photography.

If you’re ready to sell your home in Charleston, schedule a consultation with Charlsi Kelley and Sarah Kozlik. They can provide expert guidance on everything from localized neighborhood insights to staging and marketing. Charlsi and Sarah can help sell your home quickly and for top dollar!

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