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Staging your home is an essential part of the selling process. Why? The first impression of your home is critical, especially in photographs, and you want to ensure your home is seen in the best possible light. Staging your home to sell highlights specific features that make your house unique and allows buyers to envision themselves living there. If you’ve previously searched Isle of Palms homes for sale, think about things that have made them stand out. Was it exceptionally bright and clean inside? Was it reminiscent of something you’d seen in a magazine? Maybe the main bathroom rivaled the most luxurious spas, or the living room had exquisite artwork that enhanced the overall feeling of the home. Whatever it was, it was likely staged by a professional.
How can you make your home look like those in a magazine or a “Pinterest-worthy” property? Several factors go into making spaces look as beautiful as the magazine pictures, but they also have various elements in common that you can easily apply to your staging. Small and straightforward additions can take a standard room and create a more polished look, and it’s as easy as savvy styling. Read on to learn what home staging is and to get tips on how to make your home truly wow potential buyers, courtesy of the Living Well Group.

Home staging 101

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Home staging varies from extremely simple to elaborate and intricately detailed; it often involves removing furniture and other personal belongings and adding new ones. Whether you’re having completely new furniture put in or adding modern accents that highlight your home’s features, you want something clean and fresh that doesn’t include your personal photographs and belongings. Highlighting key elements of your home by using natural lighting, new colors, modern accent details, and other components will help your home stand out to buyers.
According to the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR), roughly 82% of buyers' agents agreed that staging a home was more helpful because it drew them in and allowed them to envision their families living there. You wouldn’t likely find a cluttered home appealing on your own search, so it’s reasonable to assume buyers wouldn’t either. This is especially important when taking photographs and videos for your online listings. Many buyers begin their search online, and seeing drab photos won’t draw them to your home.
The benefits extend far beyond bringing in potential buyers. The staging process can show a home’s potential, especially if you have bonus spaces that aren’t in use. A spare bedroom, for example, can be staged as an office, appealing to more people. Giving the illusion of more space in your closets by removing half your belongings and spreading out the remainder will also appeal to more people. Simple tasks that don’t seem worthy create more appeal and that magazine appearance.
The Real Estate Staging Association (RESA) is full of data that shows how much staging can potentially increase the value of your home. Whether by spending less time on the market or bringing in more money, the potential for a quicker and simpler process is better with staging. If you’re lucky enough to find a Real Estate Agent who’s knowledgeable in staging, that’s a significant benefit.

Add layers to create depth

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Create a more professional-looking space by layering the accents in your areas to create depth and visual interest. What does that mean? Toss some pillows on your couch, add an area rug with geometric patterns, add artwork to your walls, or throw a blanket over your favorite chair. These simple things add more depth to your room and create a visually appealing, homey space.

Add different textures

The use of textures such as wood, stone, natural fibers, and even faux fur will enhance the style of your room and create more appeal. It doesn’t have to be a lot of texture; just one or two different accents can enhance the space's aesthetic. Consider a wood or stone coffee table, or use a faux fur throw across your couch.

Use accents with varying heights

Much like adding layers, playing with the height of your accents can create movement and depth in your spaces. Incorporate taller items to draw the eye upward and create the illusion of a grander room with things like branches in a vase or a tall lamp. If you have a fireplace mantle, group items with different heights to create a more dynamic look. You can easily apply the same tricks throughout the home.

Add contrast

Contrast is a great way to add a bold look to your spaces and make the areas feel more luxurious and upscale. You can easily add contrast through various colors, patterns, and textures. If you have light, neutral colors throughout the home, adding a pop of dark color will create dimension and make things stand out. Consider adding metallic accents or contrasting elements to create visual appeal.

Don’t underestimate your lighting

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The one thing all home magazine photographs have in common is the lighting. Perfect lighting can change the entire look of your space and enhance its visual appeal. Add enough light to eliminate shadows and highlight the unique features of the room. Use the right light fixtures, light bulbs, and drapes on your windows. Proper lighting can make all the difference in how your home looks in person and in photographs.
When preparing your home, keep these tips in mind to ensure it looks like the magazines and sells quickly. For more staging guidance, or if you’re looking for your dream home, contact Charlsi Kelley and Sarah Kozlik. The Living Well Group will help you successfully navigate the entire journey.

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