The Best (and Worst) Day to List a Home

James Island is a South Carolina island in the Charleston metro area. Charleston is a popular city filled with entertainment, history, and beautiful outdoor spaces, like Hampton Park. Charleston luxury homes are a hot commodity, thus attracting people to the surrounding metro area as well. Rich in history and culture, James island is nestled in Charleston Harbor, contained by the winding Stono and Folly Rivers. With marsh views and majestic, ancient trees, James Island has a small-town feel that residents and visitors enjoy year after year. Homes in James Island are a short drive from the beach and all the exciting nightlife and entertainment that Charleston offers.

James Island real estate is a popular market. James Island has plenty of amenities, such as parks, outdoor spaces, access to dining and entertainment, and great schools, making this an attractive real estate market. If you’re looking to sell a home in James Island or the surrounding Charleston area, you might be wondering what the best day is to list your home. This article will take you through the best tips and tricks for listing a home for sale.

The Best Day of the Week to List a Home

Some days are better than others to list a home. When listing a home, it is important to consider when potential buyers are looking at listings and when they are available to attend open houses. Considering many people work a 9-5 job, this affects when the best day of the week is to list a home. According to the National Association of REALTORS®, the best day to list your home is on a Friday.

Why Friday? People listing their homes on a Friday are likelier to sell within 90 days of listing. Researchers hypothesize that this is because people are more likely to attend open house showings on the weekend when more people are off work. The study also found that homes listed on a Friday or Thursday were more likely to be toured, as well as more likely to be sold closer to their listing price. Homes listed on a Sunday were viewed online more but were less likely to be seen in person. This is likely because buyers are returning to work Monday and have less free time to see available homes.

The Worst Way of the Week to List Your Home

The worst days of the week to list your home are unsurprisingly the opposite of the previous study. Homes listed during the work week are less likely to get views and showings compared to homes listed on a Thursday or Friday. This is because many buyers are busy during the work week and have less time and energy to spend looking for homes.

Tips for Getting the Best Offer

No matter what day you choose to list your home, there are always tips to make it the most presentable it can be and make a crushing first impression on buyers. One of the most important things to do when listing your home is to make any minor repairs you have been putting off. Everything should be in good working order and functional before showings.

In addition, it is important to give your entire home a thorough deep cleaning. This means giving walls a fresh coat of paint, cleaning the windows and organizing cabinets and closets, and removing any cobwebs, dust, or other debris both inside and outside the house. The outside of the house and driveway should also be pressure washed, and the landscaping should be well manicured. First impressions are everything and giving your home that gorgeous curb appeal is important.

Before any showings, you should tidy up the inside of the house and even work with a professional stager if possible to ensure that clutter is removed and that the existing furniture and art truly complement the home's architecture. You want potential buyers to be able to see themselves inside your home with their own life and history.

Hire a Real Estate Agent

The best tip for getting a great price on your Charleston property is to hire a Real Estate Agent. Real Estate Agents are professionally licensed real estate agents who are held to a high standard of ethics. Real Estate Agents are registered with the National Association of REALTORS®. They must work hard on your behalf and find you the best deal. Real Estate Agents have an extensive network of connections. This means that throughout the entire selling process, they can make the connections you need, whether with potential buyers, other lawyers and judges, or contractors and home stagers.

Real Estate Agents have the connections and the expertise to make your sale happen faster and at a better profit to you. Real Estate Agents also are constantly working on your behalf. They are looking for potential buyers and networking to find the perfect buyer for your home. Selling your home isn’t an easy process. Having someone in your corner who knows the ins and outs of the homes for sale in Charleston, SC, can be extremely valuable. Real Estate Agents have extensive education in the jargon and language needed to navigate the selling process easily. They are also there to ease your mind through the process and reduce the anxiety that comes with selling a home.

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